Apart from the venue, Branded T Ranch is also home to more than 20 African exotic species. The ranch is fascinated with, and committed to the protection and propagation of the beautiful and endangered species that roam the ranch. Their diet & habitats ensure optimal health & nutrition – providing optimal body weight & horn/antler growth.

Supplemental Feeding

Our exotic hoof stock are on a year-round supplemental feeding program using only "premium grade alfalfa" (20-22% protein intake) in addition to a highly specialized custom blended pelletized formula (12% protein intake) developed by our veterinarian, ensuring optimal health and nutrition which provides massive body weight and optimal horn/antler growth.

Year-Round Food Plot

Certain species are also provided year-round "food plot" access consisting of a blend of oats, peas, turnips, millet, wheat, clover, rye and maze which offer additional grazing opportunities. The ranch consists of native browse and forbs adding to the year-round supplemental feeding program. Our hoof stock undergo de-worming annually and depending on the particular species, certain breeds are vaccinated for influenza during inclement weather periods.

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